I experience great relief from my lower back pain every time I get a Reiki treatment from Roselle. The Reiki helps to ease up the muscle tension resulting in an improvement in my mobility. The sessions have always been a pleasant and relaxing time for me.

– Rosario A

I have suffered from chronic insomnia which has negatively affected my physical and mental health. After receiving little help from traditional medicine other than medications and behavior therapy, neither of which were very helpful, and having a long-standing interest in eastern arts and alternative therapy, it was suggested I try Reiki therapy.

Prior to my first session, Roselle addressed my questions and concerns in her warm, gentle and caring manner, and I was immediately at ease. While lying on the table listening to soft music, the soothing warmth from Roselle’s hands (even though they were not directly touching me) felt like healing warmth from the sun. After my first session I felt peacefully relaxed and enjoyed a restful, restorative night’s sleep for the first time in a very long time. Subsequent sessions have been equally beneficial. Thank you, Roselle, for sharing your incredible gift, and I look forward to additional sessions.

– Candace M

I am a senior with the good fortune to have received and practiced various forms of healing and “body work” since 1984. On this journey I became aware of and received a Reiki Session immediately following major dental surgery in the mid-nineties. I was on the table before the anesthetic had worn off and was amazed that I had very little of the predicted pain after the Reiki session was over and the anesthetic wore off.

More recently, I have received Reiki sessions from Roselle. I was impressed each time with the growth in her skill, her peacefulness, humility and wonderful way of explaining of Reiki as a healing tradition. Her approach to each successive session was more evolved allowing me to go yet deeper into the realm of Reiki Energy.

I wholly encourage new-comers interesting in exploring Natural Healing Techniques to experience a Reiki Session with Roselle.

For those who are familiar and experienced in the traditions, Roselle will offer you a very wonderful experience of connection with the Higher Realm of peace and tranquility.

– Denis G